NFC technology


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NFC technology

NFC - Near Field Communication

Your neighbor's dog is chipped - why not your car?

NFC technology. Intelligent - simple - unmistakable

Every year thousands of stolen collector's vehicles - sold with fake chassis numbers or offered in parts - are stolen.

How do you now prove that the stolen vehicle is yours? The buyer bought it in good faith and the FIN was manipulated. Or how can you credibly prove that the door offered on the Internet belongs exactly to your E-type or that the seats from your 911 Porsche are currently changing owners in an Internet auction?

Not possible - do you think?

Already now!

With the mature NFC technology, you can now take evidence with any standard smartphone or i-Phone from IOS 11 onwards or have it secured by the authorities. 

How does that work? Quite simply and for only 69.95 euros including free permanent registration of your vehicle in our database. 

You will receive a set of 11 self-adhesive NFC chips coded by us with a unique serial number. You attach these chips to your vehicle and its parts in such a way that it is impossible for thieves to find all the hiding places you have chosen. The NFC transponders are permanently registered with us, so that even an undetected chip is sufficient to identify the entire vehicle or its parts.

The unbeatable advantage:

NFC chips do not send any signals, they can neither be located nor do they consume electricity. Our NFC chips can only be read out with almost any commercially available mobile phone and can only be easily and unambiguously assigned in years or decades if the exact location is known. Whether leather seats, targa roof, chrome bumpers - you alone decide where the NFC chips are placed. 

You will receive a corresponding certificate and an exploded view drawing for your records, where you can note the installation positions. A sticker in classic design for your windscreen unmistakably shows potential thieves that your vehicle is unsuitable as stolen goods. Only a chipped vehicle carries the danger for the thieves or receivers that their dark machinations can still be discovered in years to come, even if the chassis number has been removed or falsified.

Why NFC chip? Because it works simply and reliably

There are different ways to mark the vehicle, e.g. artificial DNA. However, you only see them in black light and you don't always have that with you. In addition, the DNA can only be assigned via a laboratory. It is often impossible to identify the DNA directly on the vehicle.

The NFC technology can be read out with smartphones under the Android operating system and IPhones from IOS 11 using a free app. This means that no other tools are required and the URL address stored on the NFC chips ensures direct assignment to the vehicle stored in our database.

Surely you already know the payment function via NFC technology, which is currently being introduced at supermarket checkouts. This widespread use of NFC technology ensures that this technology will continue to be available on the market for many years to come. 


- Maintenance-free 
- No power supply required
- NFC chip coding links directly to the entry of your vehicle   
- Protected coding: not erasable or overwritable
- Concealed mounting - no optical impairment - preservation of originality
- No fixed installation points, so you as the owner determine the exact position of the chips

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