Grund der Kontaktanfrage

Registration, Research, Prevention and Coding

Registration - report stolen vehicle

Every vehicle owner who wants to find his vehicle again can publish the vehicle data, details and photos free of charge on MICARE STOLEN, which can then be used to find the vehicle again.

Several input masks allow you to describe your vehicle in great detail. The stored details make it possible to identify the vehicle at any time. The stolen vehicles do not disappear in the file archive, but are stored permanently and transparently in the international register. 

Stolen vehicles can be identified by photos, even if the chassis number has been manipulated. This makes it more difficult to trade in such vehicles. 

Research - intelligent search functions

Whether you are a dealer, appraiser, restorer or simply want to buy a private car - it has never been easier to research vehicle details on MICARE RECHERCHE to find out whether the offered vehicle was stolen at an earlier time or if stolen parts were used. 

In times of professional counterfeiters and fences, the actual vehicle identification number hardly plays a role anymore. Until now, it has only been possible to search for stolen vehicles on the basis of chassis numbers. 
On MICARE PS, the search for a stolen vehicle is not only possible via the chassis number as before, but the search can also be specifically searched by 

- Engine or gearbox number 
- Manufacturer
- model
- colour
- body shape
- Text search with free input.
Especially the search by engine or transmission number is important, because a certain percentage of the vehicles, especially Porsche 911 or Mercedes Pagode, is disassembled and offered in parts. 
This means that it is now irrelevant whether the chassis number was manipulated after the theft. The stolen vehicle can be identified on MICARE PS on the basis of various characteristics and thus assigned to the original owner. 

Prevention - quick and easy

On MICARE CLASSIC you can also enter your not stolen vehicle as a preventive measure. In the event of theft, the status can be switched to "stolen" in no time at all. Not only the hectic search for useful pictures is no longer necessary, with "one click" vehicle photos and a detailed description are published in the register.

Coding using state-of-the-art NFC technology

Make your vehicle uninteresting for thieves. MICARE PS offers you the possibility to permanently mark your vehicle with an NFC chipset registered with us. You will receive a set of coded, self-adhesive NFC chips from us. You alone decide where the chips are to be used and only you know the exact installation positions. Through special coding of our NFC chips, the vehicle can be verified/identified via our database even if, for example, the thieves have manipulated the chassis number.


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