NFC-ID-SET vehicle identification for classic cars, youngtimers and enthusiast vehicles

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The NFC-ID-SET is the unique ownership marker that identifies your vehicle in seconds with your smartphone

This anti-theft protection is composed of three steps:

Registration: Easy online registration of your vehicle. You will receive a dated certificate with time stamp that identifies you as the car's owner at the time of registration.
Marking: Self-assembly of the NFC chip in an inconspicuous place on and in your vehicle.
Identification: The NFC-ID-SET identifies in seconds directly at the vehicle via app on your smartphone. Identification is only possible if the exact installation positions of the NFC chips are known, as data transmission only takes place in the 0-1 mm range. Selling or possessing marked items is risky for car thieves, making it less attractive.

  • Hidden marking of many vehicle parts
  • Significantly reduces the probability of theft
  • Makes your vehicle uninteresting for thieves
  • Cannot be read through metal
  • Inconspicuous attachment
  • Forgery-proof
  • No power consumption
  • Not to locate 

Contents of delivery:
  •     1x Coded NFC ID card (credit card format for your wallet)
  •     1x Coded car badge for your windshield (to deter potential thieves)
  •     5x Self-adhesive NFC-PPS coins, on-metal especially chemical and temperature resistant (-20 to 180 °C) Diameter: 15mm, height 3 mm
  •     5x Self-adhesive NFC stickers, PET, on-metal ultra-thin, LxW 10x10 mm, height 0.83 mm

The 12-piece NFC-ID-SET is encoded with a unique NFC-ID code and is assigned directly to your vehicle. The NFC chips are tamper-proof - the coding cannot be deleted or overwritten.
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