Stolen license plates, what now?


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Stolen license

Stolen license plates?


Vehicle license plates are stolen and used for criminal purposes. Accidents are caused, speeding offences and tank fraud are committed or robberies are carried out. 

What do you have to consider in case of an incident?

Immediately go to the police and report the crime to them. So you are legally on the safe side if crimes are committed with the stolen license plate.
Inform the insurer. On the one hand, the partial cover basically covers the pure material costs of the new license plates. On the other hand, the contract must be changed according to the new license plate. However, the license plate can only be changed once the vehicle has been registered with the Road Traffic Licensing Office for the new license plate.
Go to the Road Traffic Licensing Office as quickly as possible to change the vehicle to the new license plate. Online appointments can help to reduce waiting times. 
The online reservation of a desired license plate also ensures that the new license plates can be embossed at the office before the appointment. This eliminates the need for a second visit.

You will need them at the road traffic office:

  •  Registration certificate Part I or vehicle registration document
  •  Registration certificate Part II or vehicle registration document
  •  last HU - original report
  •  written confirmation from the police of the stolen license plate(s)
  •  if still available: the second stamped number plate
  •  valid identity card or passport, otherwise a passport with residence permit
  •  if it is a legal person under private law: Commercial register excerpt and business registration
  • if the vehicle keeper does not appear in person: power of attorney and identity card of the person giving the power of attorney

Further tips:

Some counties and cities allow ten days for the re-registration after the report has been filed with the police. In the event of a police check, a temporary license plate made of cardboard, for example, can be helpful during the time when the vehicle is being driven without a license plate. 
Until the re-registration has taken place, your customers should always carry the criminal complaint with them.
Also useful: a large note on the dashboard indicating that the vehicle has not been deregistered. A copy of the criminal complaint placed next to it (data such as address and name should be blacked out) helps the public order office to assess the situation correctly.

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