Vehicle theft, what now?


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vehicle theft

Vehicle theft


Vehicle theft

What to do if your car was stolen?

1. Report the theft to the police. Make sure that your vehicle has not been towed away, e.g. due to incorrect parking or obstruction of traffic. A call for searches will be issued. 

Ideally, you will notice the theft as soon as possible. If you only notice the theft after a six-month winter break in the underground garage, the probability of finding the vehicle again quickly is rather low.

2. Report the theft to the insurance company. Describe the circumstances of the crime to your insurance company and submit the damage report together with a copy of the confirmation of the theft report with the corresponding diary number or Polish file number. Normally, you will be asked to send in the vehicle keys and vehicle documents (registration certificate part 1 and part 2).

For example, you can find fresh copy marks on the vehicle keys. This is important because classic vehicles have recently been repeatedly stolen after a workshop visit. Unfortunately, this is a widespread trick, since a thief can also draw conclusions about the residence of the vehicle owner on the basis of the vehicle documents delivered to the workshop. 

3.  Report to MICARE PS - Missing Car Register. It is advantageous for this report if you have already taken meaningful photos of the vehicle before the theft. How this photo documentation should look like can be found here in our FAQs. Here it is important to have as much information as possible about the vehicle at hand. Ideally you should note down aggregate numbers such as engine number or transmission number (for older vehicles also numbers such as body number or chassis number, which differ from the actual chassis number). Take into account any technical changes that may have caused the numbers actually present in the car to differ from the factory matching numbers. If there is any doubt as to where the individual numbers can be found, workshops, experts or even type referees from your club can help you. Important: The more details you list and document photographically, the more likely it is that you will be able to prove at a later date that the vehicle that may have been repainted or given a new identity is your own. 


4. What happens next? You will normally receive confirmation within four weeks that the vehicle has not been recovered and that the proceedings against unknown have been discontinued. This document is a prerequisite for the compensation of your comprehensive insurance. Clarify with your hull insurance what will happen to the vehicle if it is found again. Inform your insurance company that you want to buy back your vehicle if it is found. With the indemnification, the vehicle becomes the property of the insurer. This is quite normal and does not mean any disadvantage for you as the injured party. So far we do not know of any oldtimer insurer who would have refused to return a recovered vehicle to the original owner. 

Normally the stolen vehicles are vehicles of daily use and no policyholder will be happy to get his three year old S-Class back for a refund after this has spent 24 months with broken windows on a police area in the Eastern Bloc.

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