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NFC-ID-SET: Unique property marking against theft, identifies your vehicle in seconds with your smartphone

MICARE PS GmbH with its unique concept for theft prevention has a comprehensive solution to make it especially difficult for thieves. Our online platform for vehicles is specialized in locating stolen vehicles and stores them transparently for international access to make the trade in stolen vehicles more difficult in the long term. Based on this motivation, we have developed an innovative theft protection, the NFC-ID-SET.


The NFC-ID-SET is a completely new type of anti-theft device designed by MICARE PS specifically to protect theft-prone vehicles. It marks your vehicle and its parts in just a few steps, making it permanently identifiable and thus uninteresting to thieves.

How does the MICARE PS NFC ID SET work?

Preventive registration and marking by the NFC-ID-SET enables simple identification of the stolen vehicle in seconds using a smartphone and our free MICARE PS NFC-APP. This way, your ownership can be proven directly on the stolen vehicle if, for example, the vehicle ID number has been manipulated or even cut out by the thieves.

Proof of ownership through the MICARE PS NFC ID SET

Only you as the owner know where the NFC chips were placed in the vehicle. After registering your vehicle, you can print a certificate that uses a time stamp to show the exact date of registration and you as the owner.

What does the MICARE PS NFC ID SET contain?

You will receive the NFC-ID-SET encoded with your personal NFC-ID number. All parts of the NFC-ID-SET are coded and link directly to your vehicle in the portal. The permanent preventive registration of your vehicle is already included in the price.

Scope of delivery:

  •     MICARE PS NFC ID card as proof for your vehicle documents.
  •     Car badge for your windshield to deter potential thieves
  •     Five self-adhesive NFC-PPS coins, on-metal especially chemical and temperature resistant (-20 to 180 °C) diameter: 15mm, height 3 mm
  •     Five self-adhesive NFC stickers, PET, on-metal especially flat, LxW 10x10 mm, height 0.83 mm
  •     High quality metal box
  •     Detailed trilingual instruction manual (DE, EN, RU)

Can I attach the NFC chips myself?

Yes, the NFC chips are easy to attach and therefore no workshop visit is necessary. Whether leather seats, targa roof, chrome bumpers - only you as the owner decide where the NFC chips are placed in and on the vehicle. There are no limits to your imagination.

Ready to go in four steps:

    1. Register vehicle
    2. Download and print out certificate
    3. Place NFC chips in/on the vehicle
    4. Download MICARE PS NFC App

Can a car thief find the NFC chips?

Potential thieves cannot simply walk by the vehicle with their smartphone and locate the attached NFC chips from the outside. The NFC chips cannot be read through metal. The unbeatable advantage of our NFC-ID-SET is that the smartphone has to be held within millimeters of the chips for the transmission to work. Only the vehicle owner knows the exact position of the hidden NFC chips. The vehicle protected in this way is permanently registered on MICARE PS, so that even one undetected NFC chip is enough to identify the entire vehicle with a smartphone.

What does the MICARE PS NFC ID SET cost?

Exclusive 12-piece NFC-ID-SET for only one-time Euro 99,90 instead of 109,90- WITHOUT CONSEQUENTIAL COSTS!

Advantages of the NFC-ID-SET:

  • Identification within seconds with any smartphone
  • NFC chips do not send signals and cannot be located by thieves
  • NFC chips cannot be read by metal
  • NFC chips require no power and are maintenance-free
  • Security coding cannot be erased or overwritten
  • No fixed installation points, only the owner knows the exact positions
  • Concealed installation - no visual impairment - Preserves originality
  • 3M adhesive foil ensures optimal hold of the NFC chips
  • Self-assembly - no workshop visit necessary
  • Personal certificate with time stamp as proof of registration

Would you like to order the NFC-ID-SET right away? Then simply send us an email to Already with an order of 3 pieces you pay only 79,90 Euro per NFC-ID-SET. You will receive the NFC-ID-SET within 7-14 business days free of shipping costs.

How does NFC (Near Field Communication) work?

NFC is an international standard for wireless data transmission via electromagnetic induction. NFC is related to RFID, the so-called "radio-frequency identification". In contrast to this technology, data exchange takes place exclusively over the shortest distances. This means that in order for a "readout", i.e. a data transfer, to take place, the reading device, usually a smartphone, must be held at a distance of a few millimeters from the NFC chips.

NFC applications?

NFC technology is used millions of times a day in Germany, e.g. for cashless payments with credit cards or smartphones at the checkout. Contactless payment is on the rise worldwide. Hospitals use coded NFC chips to prove that surgical instruments have been sterilized. This widespread use permanently ensures that NFC technology will continue to function flawlessly for many years to come.

NFC technology is one of the safest and most reliable ways to exchange data over the shortest distances.

From now on, you too can protect your vehicle with the NFC ID SET from MICARE PS!






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