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Digital theft protection for more security

In contrast to other portals, the identification of a vehicle with MICARE PS is completely independent of the chassis number. What is innovative about our database is that it can also be searched for other features (such as brand, model, colour and equipment). All details that make the vehicle identifiable (e.g. equipment / scratches) can be deposited with MICARE PS.

Our component search enables you to search for parts from stolen vehicles by entering the engine or transmission number. This is particularly important for vehicles whose chassis number has been falsified, because in this case the usual comparison of the chassis number is unsuccessful in principle.

MICARE PS offers maximum transparency. The possibility was created to compare stolen vehicles with offered vehicles in a transparent, long-term and extremely targeted manner.

With MICARE PS, your vehicle data does not disappear in the file archive after the theft or is deleted after seven years at the Federal Motor Transport Authority. All data remain permanently searchable. In this way, we create a collective memory that makes it possible to assign found vehicles or their parts to the rightful owner even in 10 or 15 years.

The classic car market has approached the art market. Experts confirm that it can often take decades for stolen works of art, jewellery or luxury watches to be seized and returned to their original owners.

In addition, MICARE PS enables preventive registration, offers theft protection through the NFC-ID-SET and vehicle location with the RE-LOCATOR a passive 5-way location module including recovery and repatriation by professional private investigators. The portal is aimed at private individuals, dealers, auction houses, leasing companies, appraisers, clubs, associations, event organizers and insurance companies.


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Your stolen classic car does not disappear in the file archive.

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