Registration, coding, tracking and research

MICARE PS offers a comprehensive solution with a new concept to make it particularly difficult for car thieves.

MICARE PS STOLEN - report stolen vehicle

Every vehicle owner who wants to find his vehicle again can register his stolen vehicle here.

Several input masks allow to describe his vehicle in great detail. The stored details allow the vehicle to be identified at any time. The stolen vehicles do not disappear in the file archive, but are stored permanently and transparently in the register. Stolen vehicles can be identified by means of photos, even if the chassis number has been manipulated. This makes the trade with such vehicles more difficult.

MICARE PS RECHERCHE - Search and identification independent of the chassis number

Whether you are a dealer, appraiser, restorer or simply want to acquire a collector's vehicle privately - it has never been easier to research on the basis of vehicle details whether the vehicle offered/to be appraised was stolen at an earlier time or whether stolen parts were used.

In times of professional counterfeiters and fences, the actual vehicle identification number hardly plays a role anymore. Up to now it has only been possible to search for stolen vehicles on the basis of chassis numbers.

Here, the search for a stolen vehicle is not only possible via the chassis number, as was previously the case, but the search can be targeted specifically for:

  • Engine or transmission number
  • Manufacturer
  • Model
  • Colour
  • Body shape
  • Text search with free input

Especially the search by engine or transmission number is important, because a certain percentage of vehicles, especially Porsche 911 or Mercedes Pagode, are disassembled and offered in parts.

This means: From now on it is irrelevant whether the chassis number was manipulated after the theft. The stolen vehicle can be identified by various features and thus be assigned to the original owner.

MICARE PS CLASSIC - preventive registration

Here you can also register your non stolen vehicle as a preventive measure. In the event of theft, the status can be switched to "stolen" in no time at all. Not only does the hectic search for useful pictures become obsolete, because with "one click" vehicle photos and a detailed description are published in the register.


Make your vehicle uninteresting for thieves. Our 12-piece NFC-ID-SET offers you the possibility to make your vehicle identifiable with a set of coded, self-adhesive NFC chips.

Our NFC-ID-SET offers you:

  •  Identification in seconds with any smartphone
  •  NFC chips do not send signals and cannot be located by thieves
  •  NFC chips are not readable through metal
  •  NFC chips do not require any power and are maintenance-free
  •  Security coding cannot be deleted or overwritten


The MICARE PS RE-LOCATOR (recovery locator) is a passive 5-way tracking module. It enables the exact location and recovery of a stolen vehicle through a 24/7 security center. In contrast to classic solutions, RE-LOCATOR works with passive instead of active positioning. The RE-LOCATOR locates via GSM (mobile network) and GPS (satellite positioning) and also has three other options for locating the vehicle at close range using BT, LoRa and RFID. This allows the RE-LOCATOR to locate and secure vehicles even in locked garages, trailers and halls.

This is what the RE-LOCATOR-SET from MICARE PS offers you:

  •  5-way tracking via satellite, GSM, LoRa, RFID and BT.
  •  Theft emergency call 24/7 with security center
  •  Localization and tracking of the vehicle in case of theft
  •  Recovery by professional investigators - without additional costs
  •  Repatriation up to 750 km D-A-CH and BENELUX - without additional costs
  •  Vehicle registration in the register including certificate
  •   Marking by high-quality 12-part NFC-ID-SET worth Euro 79,90 included
  •   Identification within seconds even with manipulated chassis number by NFC-ID-SET


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Your stolen classic car does not disappear in the file archive.

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