MICARE NFC-ID-SET Small anti-theft marking for classic cars and youngtimers 6-piece SET incl. car badge.

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Product Info

  • Makes your vehicle uninteresting for thieves
  • Discrete marking in the vehicle
  • Passive - impossible for thieves to locate
  • Do not send signals
  • No power consumption
  • Forgery-proof
  • Identification within seconds via app


NEW: The NFC-ID-SET Small is the inconspicuous vehicle marker that identifies your vehicle in seconds with your smartphone.

The NFC-ID-SET Small consists of five NFC chips. Flexible FPC material protects the chips against moisture (IP68) and heat. These NFC chips are even smaller, even more effective, even more inconspicuous and therefore ideally suited for marking your vehicle. The NFC-ID-SET small is compatible with all current NFC-enabled smartphones.

The self-adhesive NFC chip with a diameter of 10 mm is only 0.83 mm high. A unique 12-digit ID is programmed on each chip of the NFC-ID-SET, which can neither be deleted nor overwritten.

Ready to go in three steps:
Registration: digital vehicle file incl. personal, dated certificate that identifies you as the owner at the time of registration. Download at any time in your customer account .
Marking: Simple bonding of the NFC chips in inconspicuous places in the vehicle. No workshop visit required.
Identification: Each individual NFC chip identifies in seconds directly on the vehicle using the MICARE NFC app on your smartphone. Identification is only possible if the exact installation positions of the NFC chips are known, as data transmission only takes place in the millimeter range 0-1 mm.

Sale or possession of marked items is risky for car thieves and therefore less attractive.

Brief description:

  •     Flexible, self-adhesive, black
  •     Ultra small 10 mm x 0.83 mm (diameterxH)
  •     Waterproof (IP68)
  •     Indoor and outdoor use
  •     Ambient temperature from -25 to + 70 degrees
  •     The reading range is max. 8 - 15 mm

Scope of delivery:
  •     5 self-adhesive NFC chips on-metal especially heat-resistant 30 minutes in the temperature range 140°C and up to 2 seconds in the temperature range of 260°C Diameter: 10mm, height: 0.83 mm
  •     1 nfc coded car badge for your windshield (to deter potential offenders)
  •     Digital vehicle file on the platform incl. certificate
  •     Free MICARE NFC app in the App Store and on Google Play
  •     Instruction manual

The ID number with which the 11-part NFC ID SET Small is encoded is directly assigned to your vehicle. The NFC chips are tamper-proof - the coding cannot be deleted or overwritten.

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