Register, Security, Experts and Theft Protection

Benefits from MICARE PS - register, security, experts, theft protection

  • Permanent registration of your stolen vehicle incl. Google optimized search engine entry for more transparency
  • Daily reporting of your theft via social media channels by MICARE PS
  • Cooperation with the authorities, car dealers, appraisers and auction houses increases your chances of finding your vehicle again
  • MICARE PS guarantees, on request, discreet transmission of anonymous information on stolen vehicles to the police/LKA or BKA
  • MICARE PS gives buyers, dealers, repair shops, surveyors and investigators worldwide access to your stolen vehicle's data and enables them to provide information on its whereabouts
  • Search function independent of chassis number for five additional identification features
  • Over 25 features make it easy to identify your vehicle
  • Possibility of suspending a reward to retrieve the vehicle
  • Our website is programmed as a mobile version and can be used around the clock on any tablet or smartphone anywhere in the world without any restrictions in display
  • Greatest possible transparency and international reach through German, English and Russian versions
  • Personal data is encrypted, will not be displayed and a transfer to third parties, e.g. for advertising purposes, is excluded

Register your vehicle here as a preventive measure or protect your vehicle with the latest NFC technology

  • Make your vehicle uninteresting for thieves with MICARE PS. Opt for the individual marking of your vehicle with NFC chip technology to ensure identification in the event of theft

Simply safe - with the MICARE PS safety portal

  • Find out everything about mechanical and electronic fuses, vehicle tracking, NFC, artificial DNA and much more in our large safety portal for motorisch

Expert advice - benefit from our international network of experts

  • Large expert portal on the subject of valuations, counterfeiting, fraud, theft, embezzlement and identity trading
  • Free mediation of legal assistance, e.g. to enforce claims against your insurance company
  • Professional mediation of detectives for the retrieval of high-quality vehicles

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Facts about MICARE PS


Your stolen classic car does not disappear in the file archive.

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Theft protection through 12-part MICARE PS NFC-ID-SET

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