Grund der Kontaktanfrage

Vehicle registration

MICARE stolen

Here your stolen classic car does not disappear in the file archive

Register your STOLEN vehicle here!

0,00 €

For free

Free and permanent storage of your vehicle data
Upload up to 10 images
Suspension of a reward possible
Identification via equipment features and details
Identification by engine and transmission number
Discreet communication of information to authorities
Publication of data on social media channels for maximum reach
Cooperation with authorities, expert organisations and associations
Your data will be transmitted and stored in encrypted form

MICARE classic

Preventive – simple and fast

Here you can register your NOT STOLEN vehicle as prevention. In case of theft, you will save precious time searching and uploading photos and data of your vehicle!

5,95 €

instead of

10,95 €


One time fee

Permanent data storage
Upload up to 10 images for free
You determine whether your vehicle is visible or invisible to other users
Only one status change required in case of theft
Your data will be transmitted and stored in encrypted form


Intelligent - simple - unmistakable

Permanent long-term protection for better identification of your vehicle and its parts via "NFC chipset

69,90 €

instead of

79,95 €

One time fee

Maintenance free
No power supply required
The NFC chip coding links directly to the entry of your vehicle
Protected coding cannot be deleted or overwritten
Concealed mounting - no optical impairment - preservation of originality
No fixed installation points, so you as the owner determine the exact position of the chips.
Your data will be transmitted and stored in encrypted form

Feedback from MICARE PS users


Numbers & Facts

Over 18.000 vehicle thefts in 2018

Every 17 min a car theft

More than EUR 300 million loss due to vehicle theft

The app for your classic car!

The MICARE PS NFC app scans the individual URL for your NFC chips and links them directly to your registered vehicle in the Missing Car Register. You can download this app free of charge from the App Store or Google Play.